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Redlands City Council Meeting December 1, 6:00 re: Agenda 21’ized General Plan

Redlands City Council Meeting December 1, 6:00 re: Agenda 21’ized General Plan published on

Redlands 13-400

Redlands City Council Meeting December 1, 6:00
re: Agenda 21’ized General Plan


The next Redlands City Council meeting is December 1, 2015, 6:00 at the city council chambers, 35 Cajon Street, Redlands, CA 92373.

The public comment session near the beginning of the meeting is a good opportunity to tell your city Council members what you want your government to do or not do.  In previous meetings citizen patriots have urged the City Council to oppose settling “Syrian” “refugees” in Redlands at least until they can be properly vetted for possible terrorists; opposed high density housing; and opposed SANBAG’s and the City’s plan to run 58 trains per day through Redlands.

Of particular interest at the December 1 meeting, the City Council will hold a public hearing on the proposed new general plan.

The City of Redlands is updating its General Plan, which will control what gets built and where for the next 20 years.  Many cities in California and across the country are doing so, and they are trying to implement a top-down agenda of high density and low income housing, restricting single family homes, and making it more difficult to drive.  It is the local version of “sustainability” aka “fundamental transformation.”

The City’s and SANBAG’s plan to run formerly 50 and now 58 trains per day through Redlands is part of the “transformation.”  If we do not want Redlands to be “fundamentally transformed” including high density (and low income) housing throughout Redlands, restricting single family homes, trying to force us out of our cars, and restricting traffic for those who still drive so it will take more of our time to drive around Redlands, we the people of Redlands need to be involved in the process.

At the November 17 city council meeting, the City Council, in part because of citizen opposition, postponed voting on a 19% water rate increase.

I asked the question multiple times at general plan meetings “what do we want to change about Redlands?”  I have yet to hear an answer.

It is important the as many citizens as possible tell their City Council and government what they want for the future of Redlands.

As always, “The most important political office is that of the private citizen.” Justice Louis D. Brandeis

It is much easier to be a government subject or a sheep in the government pasture than it is to be a citizen of a constitutional republic.  The latter takes work, time and effort.

To paraphrase Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for “sustainability” to triumph is for good Patriots to do nothing.”



For more information re: the proposed general plan, please see:


Please also join:


And the new open discussion page for all issues and things Redlands, “Redlands Community Forum”



Gregory W. Brittain, Attorney at Law

Redlands Tea Party Patriots Cabinet Member

Unite IE Board Member

707 Brookside Avenue, Redlands, CA 92373

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Thanks to and for the Men of Tarawa [November 20-23, 1943]

Thanks to and for the Men of Tarawa [November 20-23, 1943] published on

Marines, Tarawa

Thanks to and for the Men of Tarawa [November 20-23, 1943]

“As we celebrate Thanksgiving, take a moment to remember the many Americans who gave their last full measure 72 years ago in the attack on the Tarawa Atoll in the Gilbert Islands.”

“Even though no point on the island was more than nine feet above sea level, the Japanese force of 4,800 soldiers had honeycombed the island with a formidable array of barbed wire, mines, bunkers, pillboxes, log barricades, and gun emplacements with interlocking fields of fire. It was the most fortified atoll the U.S. would invade. The Japanese commander, Rear Admiral Keiji Shibasaki, boasted that “a million Americans couldn’t take Tarawa in a hundred years.” When the battle was over, only 17 Japanese were alive, along with 129 forced Korean laborers.”

“In what is probably one of the greatest examples of bravery, fortitude, and sheer grit in the history of the Marine Corps, the Marines dismounted from the Higgins boats and waded hundreds of yards through chest-high water under intense enemy fire, loaded down with weapons and packs. Five thousand Marines managed to get ashore on the first day, but the lagoon was filled with the floating bodies of hundreds of dead Marines.”

“So as we sit down to our Thanksgiving dinners with our families, all of us should remember and give thanks to the American Marines and sailors who 72 years ago fought for the freedom, liberty, and security we enjoy as Americans. They didn’t experience a peaceful Thanksgiving, but they—and the men and women in our military today—are the reason all of us will be able to enjoy a peaceful holiday with our families.”


I wrote “thanks to and for” because we should give thanks to the men of Tarawa and for a country that produced such men and still does, although probably in smaller numbers than in 1943.

Unfortunately, and deliberately, American schools and universities do not teach American children about the courage and sacrifice of their forefathers on Tarawa [or Valley Forge, the shores of Tripoli, Shiloh, Gettysburg, Belleau Wood, Iwo Jima, Omaha Beach, Bastogne, Chosin Reservoir, la Drang, etc. etc. etc].

“He who controls the past controls the future.  He who controls the present controls the past.”  George Orwell

Let us not only give thanks men of Tarawa and countless others who gave us the exceptional country we have today, but let us also renew our commitment to pass on an America as exceptional as the one we received, and that includes teaching the true history of, although not perfect measured by the standards of today, a great and exceptional country.


The most important political office is that of the private citizen.” Justice Louis D. Brandeis

We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.”  Ronald Reagan

I never worry about action, but only inaction.”  Winston Churchill

If there is something about government you don’t like, get together and do something about it.”  Howard Jarvis

It is always too soon to give up.” Pastor Jack Hibbs


Gregory W. Brittain, Attorney at Law

Redlands Tea Party Patriots Cabinet Member

Unite IE Board Member

707 Brookside Avenue, Redlands, CA 92373

909-335-7335; Fax: 909-335-7337; Cell: 909-327-8813| | |




Patriots Circle Honoring our Sponsors

Patriots Circle Honoring our Sponsors published on

Odd Facebook Pictures I Like

Odd Facebook Pictures I Like published on


A Busy Week for the Center for Dumb Control

A Busy Week for the Center for Dumb Control published on

idiot  ☯ I normally post this as satire, but it’s  all  true!

Climate change has been the top priority of Jerry Brown

Climate change has been the top priority of Jerry Brown published on

7.8.15-EBG-podium--300x210 1

California Governor Jerry Brown inherited the Golden State, the land of opportunity. However, everything he touches turns Brown.

Climate change has been the top priority of his governorship… not the flailing economy, or California’s largest-in-the-country-and-growing poverty class, or the 47th in school performance issue, or the $600 Billion in unfunded public employee pension and health liability, or the desperate need for water storage, or even the illegal immigrant problem.

For Brown who has said “Latin makes you smarter than everybody,” Climate change is his ignis fatuus – his fata morgana, his hallucination, myth, hocus pocus, or head trip.

Climate Change: “one of the fundamental issues of our time”

Brown has never specified how to achieve his radical emissions target, despite it’s overwhelming importance to him. In April he issued an executive order to establish a California greenhouse gas reduction target of 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030 – despite the 2006 legislation which established a GHG reduction target of 1990 levels by 2020. Some scientists say we’ve nearly reached the 2020 goal, because of improving technology and increased use of clean natural gas, so Brown felt he had to up the ante.

Talking incessantly about climate change as “the most important issue of our time,” has allowed politicians to avoid focusing on serious failures and incompetent leadership. With California Gov. Jerry Brown signing yet another controversial, extreme climate change bill, he has thrown up a huge diversion, while simultaneously helping to sink our economy even further. SB 350 puts into place by 2030, increasing utilities’ use of renewable energy by 50 percent, and increasing energy efficiency in buildings by 50 percent. Brown’s goal of reducing gasoline use in automobiles by 50 percent failed to pass, and was amended out of the bill.

In September, in a Bloomberg interview, Brown said he would challenge the Republican presidential candidates “to speak to what is certainly one of the fundamental issues of our time.”

“They fancy themselves defenders of life but they actually are willing merchants of destruction. I would like to see them be honest about climate change,” Brown said.

Still a possibility as a candidate on the Democratic Party ticket, Gov. Brown said in March that if he were running, climate change would be one of his top three priorities.

A colleague of mine calls this “perjury in office.” California’s unemployment is twice the national average, our Gross Domestic Product growth is half that of the nation, we’ve lost 9,000 companies to other states, wage disparity grows, and we have the largest poverty class in the nation. The only economic boom is to billionaire oligarchs Tom Steyer, Elon Musk, and other one-percenter government cronies.

California used to be the fourth largest economy in the world – today we are eighth or ninth.

Brown’s Extinction Warning

While speaking at a summit of mayors at the Vatican in July, Brown pontificated that the world may have “gone over the edge” on global warming. “We’re talking about extinction,” Brown said.

I’m assuming Brown and his entourage didn’t fly to Rome on solar powered planes.

“We don’t even know how far we’ve gone, or if we’ve gone over the edge,” Brown said in Rome. “There are tipping points, feedback loops. This is not some linear set of problems that we can predict. We have to take measures against an uncertain future, which may well be something no one ever wants. We are talking about extinction. We are talking about climate regimes that have not been seen for tens of millions of years. We’re not there yet, but we’re on our way.”

To those who dare to disagree, Gov. Brown calls them (us) “Troglodytes,” persons considered to be crude, reclusive, savage, or brutish, or as being deliberately ignorant or old-fashioned. However, the Governor leads a troglodytic existence more than I.
a0212456282_16-300x300 2
For example:

“God is not mocked for whatsoever a man soweth that he shall also reap and what Saint Paul said in reference to God, we can also say about God’s creation,” Brown said. “We have heard what we are doing to that creation. What a trillion tons of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses will do.”

“Right in the middle of this problem, we have fierce opposition and blind inertia and that opposition is well financed. Hundreds of millions of dollars going into propaganda, in falsifying the scientific record, bamboozling people of every country, television stations, political parties, think tanks, PHDs, university personnel,” Brown said.

Bamboozled. This is Brown’s version of “settled science.”

“We have to respond, and if we don’t the world will suffer, we will all suffer. In fact, many people, millions are suffering already.”

The suffering people are hurting because of liberal, Socialistic policies, including rabid environmentalism.

There is a difference between rabid environmentalists – who treat the cause with the fervor of religious extremists – and those of us who are conservationists who believe natural resources are to be used, but wisely and respectfully.

Drought is Climate Change

In May, Jerry Brown said climate change is “damn serious.” Brown blames climate change for California’s four-year drought, despite the state’s historical droughts, long before autos and electricity.

I remember Jerry Brown’s first two terms as California Governor. In 1976-77 during Brown’s first term in office, California had a very severe man-made drought… a drought of progress. The new governor called it his “era of limits.” Brown curtailed the building of dams, reservoirs and aqueducts to store and carry water throughout the state.  He halted all freeway construction. he claimed these decisions were so people wouldn’t emigrate to California.

Brown single handily set the future of California in the wrong direction. Population doubled anyway in the ensuing years, but the infrastructure has not.

California’s other drought problem is the excessive, arcane environmental regulations, which restrict how the state’s water is used. Environmental regulations take precedence, even in times of drought, and are never suspended. California water officials are releasing massive quantities of water for migrating fish, which ends up in the Pacific Ocean. Tens of billions of gallons of water have been flushed out to sea instead of being used by agriculture and urban uses, thanks to extremist regulations and non-existent water management in California. Much of this was to save a non-indigenous “endangered” fish, the Delta smelt. While farmers have had to let millions of acres go fallow, the state was letting millions of gallons of water run off to the ocean to save only a few Smelt and 27 salmon.

Wildfires are Climate Change

Brown blames California’s devastating wildfires on global warming. “This is a wakeup call,” Brown said standing in front of a scorched hillside at the Cowboy Camp Trailhead a few miles outside of Lake County, Craig Rucker of CFACT reported. “California is burning,” said Brown, then absurdly asking politicians, “What the hell are you going to do about it?”

Yet historical records from The Climate Depot show that extreme weather is running from normal to low, including drought and fire.

“Should California deal with its very real drought by ramping up emergency response and securing new sources of fresh water, or by demonizing American industry and CO2?” scientist Anthony Watts asked. “Exploiting genuine hardship and suffering to advance the global warming narrative is shameful.”

Sheeple Beware
unnamed-7-212x300 3
Craig Rucker asked: “Question for Governor Brown: Had Henry Ford never mass-produced the automobile or Edison invented the light bulb, had we never had the industrial revolution and lived in squalor, would California have had one more drop of rain?”

Life expectancy in the past 150 years has more than doubled. Millions of people have risen out of poverty.

As Bjorn Lomborg, author of “The Skeptical Environmentalist,” wrote in the Wall Street Journal this week, “the emission-cut pledges will cost $1 trillion a year and avert warming of less than one degree by 2100.” Jerry Brown’s climate change laws will have no meaningful impact on world temperature, nor will the UN’s climate treaty.

How much freedom and prosperity are we willing to sacrifice for less than a hundredth of a degree?


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Inside the Bataclan Theatre after the Paris Attacks

Inside the Bataclan Theatre after the Paris Attacks published on

They warned us. We didn’t listen. We allowed them in. How many more have to die before the borders are shut to hostile invaders? How long until the people take back their governments who not only refuse to defend them but willfully put their people in harms way?

The image is graphic but must be seen. This is Islam. This is what Barrack Hussein Obama has been promoting, funding and defending for seven years. Merkel and others in Europe do the same. This is what will come to America disguised as “refugees”.


Can The State cure selfishness and greed?

Can The State cure selfishness and greed? published on

☂  Can The State cure selfishness and greed? – Zero Aggression Project

Statists believe politicians can regulate selfishness and greed.  There are four reasons they cannot..

First, politicians and bureaucrats are people too, and just as prone to selfishness and greed as anyone else. You can’t cure an inherent human weakness by giving one sub-set of flawed humans vast power over all the rest.
Second, political power will naturally attract the greediest people, thereby magnifying the problem you were hoping to solve. This is like letting the fox guard the hen house.
Third, there are few ways to control politicians once they’re in power. It’s very easy for them to pass laws and regulations that benefit themselves, or their cronies. It’s hard to prevent or punish this, or to replace incumbent office holders.
Fourth, greed and selfishness are actually self-punishing under normal circumstances.
After all…

Selfish people lack friends in times of need
Greedy people lose customers
But please notice — The State cannot lose friends and customers. People are compelled to submit to The State’s dictates. So, instead of being self-punishing, statist greed is actually self-rewarding. Politicians actually use their own failures as an excuse to grant themselves more power, and to spend more money.

In fact, statism is inherently greedy, because it initiates force in all that it does. By comparison, voluntaryists believe true generosity is peaceful, voluntary, cooperative, pro-social, and empathetic. True generosity builds bonds of community. Statism does the opposite. This is why…

Voluntaryists believe governments must obey the Zero Aggression Principle. Governments must not initiate force. They must only use force defensively.

Do these ideas intrigue you? Subscribe to learn more.

By Perry Willis and Jim BabkaCopyright ©2015 Zero Aggression Project. All Rights Reserved.

Vladimir Putin’s speech

Vladimir Putin’s speech published on

Putin’s Shortest Speech  ☁

No wonder he was selected by Forbes as the most powerful person in the world.
I would suggest that not only our leaders but every citizen of GB..,of the USA. and of Europe pay full attention to this advice.  It is a sad day when a Communist Leader makes more sense than our LEADERS here in the U.S.A. But here it is –

Vladimir Putin’s speech – SHORTEST SPEECH EVER.

On August 04, 2013, Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressed the Duma, (Russian Parliament), and gave a speech about the tensions with minorities in Russia:
“In Russia, live like Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, it should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Sharia Law, and live the life of Muslim’s then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law.  “Russia does not need Muslim minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’. We will not tolerate disrespect of our Russian culture. We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Muslims are taking over those countries and they will not take over Russia. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of Sharia Law and Muslims.  “When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the Russian national interest first, observing that the Muslims Minorities Are Not Russians.”

The politicians in the Duma gave Putin a five minute standing ovation.


Tennessee School System Bans Bible

Tennessee School System Bans Bible published on

Due to a single complaint, the Bledsoe county, Tennessee school system has put in place a new ban on the distribution of all religious materials, including the Christian Bible, the Associated Press Reports.

Bledsoe County Schools Superintendent Jennifer Terry recently told the media that due to a complaint, the school is now banning religious distributions, meaning that the Christian group Gideons International will be barred from the school going forward. Gideon Chaplain Charlie Queen says that the decision surprises him, because he has been giving Bibles away in local schools for many years. Kids are free to take one or pass them up with no pressure, he reported. “We simply go in, we lay it on the table, we tell them what it is and who we are and if they want one…they freely take one,” Queen said. “We do not hand it to them, they take it freely and voluntarily.”

For her part, Superintendent Terry insisted that the distribution of Bibles violates the Constitution.

“Bledsoe County Schools do not allow the distribution of religious materials from any religious groups. The distribution of religious materials in a public school is in violation of constitutional provisions and well established federal and state laws and precedence,” Terry said. The U.S. Supreme Court, though, has ruled that religious expression in schools is not illegal. In 2001, for instance, a Christian club sued a New York school that wanted to restrict the club. The SCOTUS ruled that the school had to allow the club to meet on school property. Even the ACLU notes that it is “simply wrong” to assume that the Constitution had declared public schools to be “religion free zones.”

Local community members have said they plan to protest the new policy. “My whole congregation is very upset,” Pastor Bill Wolfe of Lee Station Baptist Church told WRCB TV. Wolfe warned that if this policy were allowed to stand it would just be the beginning. “They’re not going to stop at Bledsoe county, it will come to Sequatchie county, Cumberland county, Rhea county and all of the surrounding counties here. They’re going to try and stop it everywhere,” Wolfe added. ” We’re sliding further and further away from the principals our nation was founded on and it’s very sad because we used to be a Nation under God Now I really believe we are slipping further away and we’re not going to be able to say that much longer.” Follow Warner Todd Huston on Twitter @warnerthuston or email the author at
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Free School Lunches Would Raise Test Scores

Free School Lunches Would Raise Test Scores published on

They Claimed Giving All Students Free School Lunches Would Raise Test Scores  ✔

In 2014, education leaders ranging from the U.S. secretary of education down to local school officials promised that kids would do better if districts adopted a federal program that provides no-cost lunches to students regardless of financial need.  It hasn’t worked out that way in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Board members in charge of the Hamilton County School System voted in the spring of 2014 to enroll schools with the highest percentage of disadvantaged students in the Community Eligibility Provision for five years, starting with the 2014-15 school year; 47 of 73 Hamilton County schools participate in CEP, said Carolyn Childs, Hamilton’s school nutrition director.  But instead of rising, test scores in Hamilton County went down this year, with the Chattanooga Times Free Press reporting that the school system experienced “less-than-expected academic progress.”
According to some of the TCAP scores available on the Tennessee Department of Education’s website:

The number of students who fell below basic, the lowest possible score, on the Algebra I portion of the test rose from 18.8 percent to 21.9 percent.
The number of students who fell below basic on the biology portion of the test rose from 15.3 percent to 18 percent.
The number of students who fell below basic at the third- through eighth-grade reading level rose from 13.4 percent to 15 percent.
The number of students who fell below basic at the third- through eighth-grade math level rose from 15.1 percent to 15.9 percent.
The number of students who fell below basic on the English I portion of the test rose from 8.4 percent to 9.1 percent.
The idea behind the program, which is administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is a simple one. As U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan told school superintendents, kids do better taking tests when they have a belly full of food, and that’s why, rich or poor, they need a school lunch at no cost to the students. Taxpayers pick up the tab.  Child nutrition directors at schools in Georgia and West Virginia said in a USDA testimonial that test scores shot up as soon as their schools enrolled.  Hamilton County School System officials made the same promises, said Rhonda Thurman, one of that county’s nine school board members. But test results there failed to live up to school board members’ expectations.  “I was indeed told that if the kids get better nutritional value, then the scores will be better. But if we have certain schools where 95 to 98 percent of the kids are on free and reduced lunches, then why are those kids not Rhodes scholars?” Thurman asked.  “There is no excuse whatsoever for the lower academic scores. If free lunches were the ticket, then these kids should have improved. We’re just going to have to quit fooling ourselves,” Thurman said.

The Times Free Press reported that the school system did worse this year on the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program’s reading, biology, and English tests. The TCAP measures students’ overall academic performance.  Students in the county also took the Tennessee Value Added Assessment System test, which measures how well teachers got information across to students.  TVAAS test results for the last school year show that Hamilton County students received the lowest possible test rating, one out of five, according to the Times Free Press.

Thurman said no one in the school system has asked why CEP didn’t improve test scores, despite promises that they would.  School board member Jonathan Welch, who supports CEP, told Tennessee Watchdog he doesn’t remember anyone promising that the program would improve overall test scores. He also said he also couldn’t account for why test scores fell, and that it’s too early to make a call on the effectiveness of the program.  “Regardless of whether this program impacts test scores, we still have to feed our children,” Welch said. “If they go hungry, then I fear they’d do even worse academically, and that would scare me more.”  School officials said last year that giving all students—rich and poor—a free meal spares poor kids from embarrassment.  The number of participating students increased from 24,533 during the last school year to 25,033 for the current school year, Childs said.

The Hamilton County School System has 43,462 students, meaning more than half the district’s students use CEP, said Brian Seay, student information systems manager.  More than 4,000 schools nationwide participate in the program, according to Duncan’s letter to the school superintendents. CEP currently has more than 8 million students participating nationwide, said USDA spokeswoman Wanda Worley.   Better in Nashville

Elsewhere in the state, Davidson County officials enrolled 85,000 students in CEP last school year.  According to the Tennessean, Davidson County students made “incremental progress” on their standardized test scores for the 2014-15 year, in line with statewide gains.  Six percent of students statewide got an advanced level score for Algebra I. Twenty-three point five percent of Davidson County students did the same, which was 6.1 percentage points higher than what they scored the previous school year.
Twenty point eight percent of students statewide got an advanced level score for biology. Twelve point eight percent of Davidson County students did the same, which was 3.1 percentage points higher than what they scored the previous school year.
Eleven percent of third-through eighth-grade students statewide got an advanced level score for reading. 8.3 percent of Davidson County students did the same, which was 0.4 percentage points lower than what they scored the previous school year.
Twenty-four point one percent of third- through eighth-grade students statewide got an advanced level score for math . Eighteen point nine percent of Davidson County students did the same, which was 0.4 percentage points higher than what they scored the previous school year.
Thirteen point two percent of students statewide got an advanced level score for English 1. Ten percent of Davidson County students did the same, which was 2.5 percentage points higher than what they scored the previous school year.
As for Hamilton County, Welch said CEP’s future depends on how much additional money the feds offer.

Thurman was more blunt.

“I don’t mean this to sound crude, but the Bible uses this word, so I’ll use it too. We’re just a bunch of grant whores. Anything that has a dollar attached to it, we’ll take. The school system is all about getting anything that’s free,” Thurman said.

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Maine’s Attorney General Using Civil Rights Law to Silence Christians

Maine’s Attorney General Using Civil Rights Law to Silence Christians published on 1 Comment on Maine’s Attorney General Using Civil Rights Law to Silence Christians

Maine’s Attorney General Using Civil Rights Law to Silence Christians – Freedom Force
Maine is a beautiful place. It is a place of vast and wonderful wilderness and has twisting and turning coastline that if stretched out could touch both coasts. It is full of majestic mountain ranges and tranquil lakes and rivers. Mainers are wonderful people, who are difficult to get to know, yet friendly and helpful. Yet, Maine is the least evangelized state in the country.  Evangelical churches are scarce. Many towns have no Bible believing fellowships, and most Mainers have never been confronted with the reality of sin or their guilt before a holy and wrathful God. It would be safe to say that very few Mainers have heard a sermon, and fewer have been called to repentance. So it should be no surprise that in such an environment, a street preacher would raise a fuss.  But has Christianity become so offensive that it should be made a violation of civil rights to preach it in the street? Maine’s Attorney General thinks so.

In an unprecedented move against the free speech of Christians, Maine’s state attorney general has filed a civil rights lawsuit against a pastor over his pro-life preaching outside of a Planned Parenthood facility in Portland.  Attorney General Janet Mills, a pro-abortion Democrat, is seeking to keep Lebanon pastor Brian Ingalls, 26, from standing within 50 feet of the Planned Parenthood facility—or any Planned Parenthood location in Maine.  So, what Mills wants to do is to restrict public access to this citizen, even though Ingalls has not had any noted confrontation with anyone. He has not threatened any of the women entering Planned Parenthood. So, what this really comes down to is that this woman wants to silence the message.  Mills alleges in her lawsuit that Ingalls spoke too loudly on Oct. 23 about “murdering babies, aborted babies’ blood and Jesus” while preaching outside of Planned Parenthood to the point that his pro-life pleas could be heard in the room where examinations take place.

She asserts that Ingalls didn’t lower his voice enough that particular day after being approached by police and contends that his passionate preaching “demonstrates his intent to interfere with the safe and effective delivery of health services at Planned Parenthood.”  So, what if a man walked past a gynecologist office and was speaking loudly about how wrong it was for a doctor to examine a woman that was not his wife? Would this not be demonstrating his intent to interfere? Would Mills have brought suit against that man? Probably not.  The point that we have to get to is that this is an issue of an opinion. I agree with Ingalls’ opinion. I believe that it is a fact. I believe that abortion is murder. I believe the doctor, nurses, mother and father are all guilty of murder. But that is not the question. The question is, does Ingalls have the right to share his opinion in a public place?
Well, according to the First Amendment, he does have that right. And this point has already been made in court.

The city of Portland recently lost a lawsuit that challenged their imposed 39-foot buffer zone, which essentially pushed pro-lifers to stand across the street from the facility, where they could not provide help to abortion-minded women. The city agreed to pay $56,500 in legal fees over the matter.  Mills’ request to keep Ingalls 50 feet away from the facility would force him to stand at an even greater distance from the facility than the previous ordinance had required—which had to be repealed following a ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court that found even a 35-foot buffer zone in Massachusetts to be unconstitutional.  If a 35-foot barrier is too far, then surely a 50-foot barrier will be. But in the end, I think this kind of madness should have a cost. Ingalls, if successful should bring a suit against the Mills personally for persecution. Once it costs the unbeliever, maybe they will think twice about attacking believers.

Twelve Reasons to Vote Democratic (not)

Twelve Reasons to Vote Democratic (not) published on


Starbucks removes Christmas themes from holiday cups

Starbucks removes Christmas themes from holiday cups published on

Starbucks angers Christian groups by removing Christmas themes from holiday cups – Puget Sound Business Journal
Emily Parkhurst


I groaned the other day when I went to my favorite Starbucks store and saw the red cups. That means it’s time for the holidays again. I’m just not ready for that yet.
But some Christians were groaning at this year’s cups for a different reason.
Every year, Starbucks (Nasdaq: SBUX) switches to red cups for the holiday season. They typically have designs on them, images of Christmas trees and holiday bulbs. This year, though, they’re just red.
Christian groups have said Starbucks is being a Scrooge and that this shift away from Christian messages is ” a denial of historical reality.”
“In the past, we have told stories with our holiday cups designs,” said Jeffrey Fields, Starbucks vice president of Design &Content, in a statement. “This year we wanted to usher in the holidays with a purity of design that welcomes all of our stories.”

The move has prompted some people to say they’ll boycott the coffee shops in protest. Never has a plain red cup been so controversial.
Emily Parkhurst oversees all digital content for the Puget Sound Business Journal.