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Blue Cross and Illegal Immigrant Care – Your $$

Blue Cross and Illegal Immigrant Care – Your $$ published on 1 Comment on Blue Cross and Illegal Immigrant Care – Your $$

Thrifty American Deplorables Can Compete With Billions Spent To Lobby For Illegals

⚡ 🌀 Blue Cross Invests in Undocumented Alien Kare ⚡ 🌀


Dear Friends,

I wanted to bring to your attention some Advertisements that are appearing in the town I live in,Valencia, California. Valencia is a quiet suburban town in Los Angeles County roughly 40 miles North of Downtown Los Angeles.

The Billboard advertisement that I am showing you gained my attention because it occupies a very prominent location on the I-5 freeway just as you enter the town. This sign occupies an extremely pricey piece of billboard real estate. My initial reaction after seeing these signs was; what kind of group has the money to pay for this kind of political advertising in a prominent area of Northern Los Angeles County?
Los Angeles County is not a cheap area to advertise in, and an advertiser would need deep pockets to pay for this.

The advertisement also does not advertise its name or it’s business, or its product, it only advertises one word. VOTA!

Lets dissect the advertisement. It has three easily recognizable elements in the image.

The clenched fist

The tattoo of the Virgin of Guadalupe

The English word “vote”, which is graffitied out and changed to the Spanish language word for vote

It also has tiny almost unreadable letters in the bottom right hand corner the words “Health and Justice 4 All “.

The clenched fist is an unmistakable power image symbolizing defiance, anger and strength.

The Virgin of Guadalupe is a unique and unmistakable symbol, an icon of Mexican/Hispanic culture and the Mexican nation. The word “Vota” is the Spanish word for vote.

Put it all together and it basically says ; “We’re strong, we’re powerful, we’re Hispanic…Let’s vote!

Every eligible citizen who can legally vote in America has the right to vote if they choose, I don’t think anyone has a problem with that, Only This Ad is promoting the idea that Hispanic viewers should emphasize their Hispanic identity and demonstrate their strength and racial interests when they cast their vote.

This is an Ad directed to Hispanic and Mexican Americans and stokes the interests associated with Hispanic ethno-nationalism in America.

The advertisers also have the many tens of thousands of dollars needed to place them.
This Ad doesn’t advertise its product or its producer or a business name, just it’s political message.

I did an internet search on the words “Health and Justice 4 All” and The California Endowment, popped up.
Glancing at their web site I gathered that it’s basic mission is to promote access to health care and healthy living for poor and underserved Californians including illegal aliens. It’s mission statement included words that said: “ Access to affordable healthcare, fixing broken systems and outdated policies, working with citizens and elected leaders for lasting solutions.”.

For those who have followed immigration politics for a while the words “Broken systems” sounds a little too close to; “our broken immigration system” which of course is code for amnesty and massive immigration increases.

I also found out that this endowment was endowed with one billion dollars from Wellpoint, which is a subsidiary of Blue Cross.

Curious to understand more, I called the media spokesperson of the California Endowment. When I talked to their spokesman, he let me know that The California Endowment invests their endowment and annually gives out $200,000,000 to further their goals.
A core part of its mission is healthcare for all and one quickly sees that healthcare for the “undocumented” is clearly part of that mission. And working with elected officials to further that goal is also quite clearly stated. That equals lobbying and paying for Ads.

In other words, it’s another a billion dollar slush fund to lobby for illegal aliens.

It seems Blue Cross is very willing to invest a billion dollars, if it thinks it will eventually get paid Trillions to annually insure tens of millions of these undocumented individuals.

I have to admit That would be quite a handsome and lucrative reward on Blue Cross’s initial billion dollar investment.

My point in writing this report is to show you the billions of dollars out there and at work in the industry of gaining legalization for illegal aliens.

If you thought the “undocumented” were just a poor penniless mass of foreigners, you were wrong. They’re really a highly profitable group, that health insurers can make billions from by getting endless direct payments from the State and Federal government to provide taxpayer paid health coverage… And they lower labor costs for businesses, and elect Democrat politicians all at the same time.


If only those deplorable Americans would somehow stop stalling all of this wonderful profit.

As for the Deplorable Americans that are opposing all of this, what do we have?



Our leading groups combined have nothing near a billion dollar endowment. How about the money for a prime billboard on the I-5 freeway in Valencia?

We don’t even have THAT!

We have nothing!

Yet somehow with all of our nothingness we’ve three times stopped the combined efforts and combined power of the entire Democrat Party, The leadership of the Republican Party, The Bushes, Clintons, Obama’s, Kennedys, the US Chamber of Commerce, Billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Sheldon Adelson, George Soros, The Koch Brothers and a list of corporations a mile long that all lust for massive labor increases designed to flood the labor markets and depress wages. Then there are the Catholic and Protestant Churches are paid billions to resettle refugees. And let’s not forget La Raza. All of these individuals and groups that profit from open borders, all have billions of dollars at their disposal, and billions of dollars to gain if they can just pass amnesty. And we’ve stopped them three times.

Not bad for a bunch of deplorables with no money!!!

Currently we’ve enlisted Donald Trump (A billionaire) to lead our fight against our familiar open borders enemy. As part of the deal he’s utilizing some of his money to fight our battle, and he’s taking the attacks they normally launch at us.

Kind of a sweet heart deal for us don’t you think?

Despite the blitzkrieg of attacks coming from the mainstream media and a recent mutiny of Congressional open borders Republicans in an effort to sabotage and crush our campaign, we’re still neck and neck with our open borders opponent Hillary Clinton.

If we lose, we’re in the same defensive position we’ve always been in.

If we win and Donald Trump defeats Hillary Clinton, our Representative Donald Trump becomes President and he gets to utilize the resources of the US treasury to implement important items of our agenda. Not bad for a bunch of deplorables that collectively don’t even have the money to pay for a billboard on the I-5 freeway.

It seems we deplorables have been thrifty and smart all at the same time!
I think that’s a wonderful combination, don’t you think?.

Best regards,

Greg Aprahamian

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“‘Central View,” by William Hamilton, J.D., Ph.D.

Election 2016: Don’t be myth-guided

Although voting is a key function of citizenship, to vote or not vote is all-too-often the subject of myth:

My one vote won’t make a difference.Wrong. In 1910, the election in a New York Congressional District was decided by just one vote. Here are some state-level House or Senate races decided by one vote: 1968, Wisconsin; 1970, Missouri and Rhode Island; 1978, Rhode Island (again) and North Dakota; 1980, New Mexico and Utah; 1982, Massachusetts and Maine.

I’ll only vote for a candidate who thinks just as I do: Wrong. Only you have your own unique set of views on the issues. If you do not have the ability to run for office yourself, then you must give that role to someone who will run. But some compromise will be necessary. Vote for the candidate you think has the strength of character to stand up for the issues on which you are in agreement and will help you get at least a portion of what you believe in translated into reality. A half loaf is better than no loaf at all.

Voting for a splinter-party candidate will make a difference: Wrong. If you want to throw your vote away, then that is exactly the way to do it. Some voters think they are sending a “message” to the two major parties by voting for splinter-party candidates. If former President Teddy Roosevelt couldn’t win on a third-party ticket, it probably won’t ever happen. By voting for a third-party candidate, you are probably helping elect someone you don’t like at all.

When my wife and I don’t agree, I must cancel her vote: Wrong. Couples don’t always agree on every candidate and every ballot issue. They should talk it out. Sometimes, minds are changed. When that isn’t possible, work out a deal where one mate gives in on some issues and the other mate gives in on other issues. Vote cancelling achieves nothing.

Term Limits provide needed turnover and I don’t need to vote. Wrong. The Law of Unintended Consequences is always at work and it has a role to play with term limits. In many jurisdictions, term limits have either never been imposed or have been lifted. But, given that both sides think the federal government is corrupt, the idea of congressional term limits may be making a comeback.

It is better to vote for the person and not a political party: Often, wrong. If you judge one candidate to be a bad person and judge the other as good, vote for the good person. But if there are no issues of character between two candidates, one should look to see which candidate’s party is the majority party. After all, the point of voting is to get some of your agenda enacted. If one has a choice between an experienced member of the majority party versus a novice of the minority party, a vote for the majority candidate usually offers the way to get your agenda made into law. So, often it is better to vote for the party rather than the individual.

Don’t be myth-guided. And be sure to vote before or on November 8, 2016.

Nationally syndicated columnist, William Hamilton, is a laureate of the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame, the Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame, the Oklahoma University Army ROTC Wall of Fame, and is a recipient of the University of Nebraska 2015 Alumni Achievement Award. He was educated at the University of Oklahoma, the Army Language School, the George Washington University, the U.S Naval War College, the University of Nebraska, and Harvard University.

©2016. William Hamilton.