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Issues dealing with common core education

The Case Against Common Core National Standards

The Case Against Common Core National Standards published on



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School Prepares to Terminate Teacher for Facebook Post Opposing Common Core Curriculum

School Prepares to Terminate Teacher for Facebook Post Opposing Common Core Curriculum published on

School grilled kids on parents’ views of ‘gays’

School grilled kids on parents’ views of ‘gays’ published on

Shock claim: School grilled kids on parents’ views of ‘gays’

Bob Unruh
A legal team already challenging a Lafayette, California, high school over its use of Planned Parenthood personnel – including a self-described “pleasure activist” and another who led demonstrations at a “sex toy porn shop” – to teach public school sex-education classes now is accusing school officials of allowing a “Queer Straight Alliance” to bully students.
The Pacific Justice Institute dispatched a letter to officials at Acalanes High School in Lafayette asking for documents that would show what happened.

Pacific Justice said “students were singled out and ostracized for their beliefs.”
Students reported that, on Jan. 29, members of the school’s Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) took over all freshmen English classes to grill students about their beliefs and their parents’ beliefs on LGBT issues
Pacific Justice said the QSA had students step forward to demonstrate whether they believed that being gay was a choice and whether their parents would be accepting if they “came out as gay.”
Students who did not step forward were ridiculed and humiliated, Pacific Justice said.
“The QSA also gave students a handout of LGBT terminology such as ‘pan-sexual,’ ‘demi-sexual,’ ‘gray gender,’ and about a dozen other terms. The QSA also had students line up to demonstrate where they fell on the ‘gender spectrum.’”
But in a letter to Matthew Juhl-Darlington, a lawyer for the school, the PJI pointed out the federal Pupil Rights Amendment “provides that schools must acquire written parental consent before a minor student is required to participate in surveys, analysis, or evaluations regarding … sex behavior or attitudes.”
PJI noted California’s education code also states: “No test, questionnaire, survey, or examination containing any questions about the pupil’s personal beliefs or practices in sex, family life, morality, and religion, or any questions about the pupil’s parents’ or guardians’ beliefs and practices in sex, family life, morality, and religion, shall be administered to any pupil … unless the parent or guardian of the pupil is notified in writing that this test, questionnaire, survey, or examination is to be administered and the parent or guardian of the pupil gives written permission.”

The school district declined to respond to a WND request for comment, and PJI told WND it couldn’t add to its letter.
In a statement, PJI said the organization “believes the school exercise violated federal and state laws requiring parental notice and permission before students are questioned about personal or family beliefs on sexuality or morality.”
And “the school’s actions violated the students’ constitutional privacy rights.”
It demands that the school stop the student interrogations and suspend the QSA, and it seeks all public records associated with the events.
“Singling out students for ridicule based on their moral or political beliefs is a Marxist tactic that should have no place in the United States of America,” said Brad Dacus, the president of PJI. “We’re not going to put up with this intimidation and interrogation of students, and it’s also time for other community members to join PJI and the parents we represent in speaking out against the outrages happening in their school district.”
Continued the letter to the school: “It should be self-evident that, as a fundamental privacy right, students cannot be ‘outed’ during class time by being made to declare their beliefs and feelings about sensitive sexual matters, any more than a student could be required to announce their sexual orientation. While the school environment should be free from harassment, viewpoint discrimination and peer pressure, AHS is in fact creating such.”
PJI attorney Matthew McReynolds, who wrote the letter, said Acalanes High School and the district “have defied common sense, ignored the law and broken parents’ trust.”
“These administrators are acting like schoolyard bullies. If they think intimidation is going to work on us or these parents, they are greatly mistaken,” he said.

WND had reported last month on the previous controversy.

The fracas developed when it was reported that 13- and 14-year-old students at Acalanes High were given a Planned Parenthood class in which “The Genderbread Person” was used to explain they could choose what sex they wanted to be.
A few of the lessons included students being taught that their gender was not necessarily fixed, a checklist was introduced to show students how to prepare for sex and they were taught to obtain “clear consent” by asking questions such as, “Is it OK if I take off my pants?”
PJI said parents learned “that one of the sex-ed instructors at Acalanes High School, when she is not working for Planned Parenthood, leads ‘pleasure workshops’ demonstrating the use of sex toys for a sex toy porn shop in Berkeley called Good Vibrations.”
“It is not yet clear what this instructor may have told students about the store’s offerings,” Pacific Justice reported.
And another “sex-ed instructor” has been identified as the Planned Parenthood education manager in the region, who “calls herself a ‘pleasure activist,’” the organization said.

“She commented enthusiastically on attending the CatalystCon pornography conference for her continuing education along with other Planned Parenthood representatives, just prior to teaching at AHS this past fall. This event attracts leading members of the porn industry and focuses on topics like using explicit instructional media for sex ed, the history of sex toys and how to effectively share your sex life on the stage and on the page,” Pacific Justice said.

by Taboola

Should teachers be required to pay union dues?

Should teachers be required to pay union dues? published on

Should teachers be required to pay union dues?
Buena Park teacher takes lawsuit to U.S. Supreme Court

Rebecca Friedrichs is a longtime teacher and lead plaintiff in a suit aimed at overturning mandatory dues collected by public-sector unions. COURTESY PHOTO
A group of California public school teachers petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday to hear a case that would decide whether public employees should be required to pay union dues.
Orange County teacher Rebecca Friedrichs and nine other educators sued the California Teachers Association and the National Education Association in 2013 claiming a state law that forces public employees to pay annual union dues is a violation of their First Amendment rights. The lawsuit aims to strike down compulsory union dues laws in 26 states.
The case, called Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, was put on the fast track to the U.S. Supreme Court after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in November ruled that it does not have the authority to overturn past Supreme Court rulings.

Attorneys for the Center for Individual Rights, a nonprofit public-interest firm representing the plaintiffs, filed a petition asking the U.S. Supreme Court to take on the case. In a statement released Monday, the group said it is hopeful the high court will take on the case this year.
The Supreme Court typically accepts about 150 of the more than 7,000 cases it is asked to review each year.
In California, teachers pay an average of about $1,000 in annual union dues, according to the lawsuit. Current law allows union employees to opt out of roughly 30 percent of annual dues designated for political advertising, but employees still must pay about 70 percent of the dues for collective bargaining.
Friedrichs, who works for the Savanna School District in Buena Park, said teachers should be allowed to decide for themselves whether they want to support the union.

“When unions use our dues money to block sensible reform and protect teachers who clearly do not belong in the classroom, it’s time to say enough is enough,” Friedrichs said in a statement.

Parent Trigger and Open Enrollment – San Bernardino Failing Schools

Parent Trigger and Open Enrollment – San Bernardino Failing Schools published on

Parent Trigger and Open Enrollment – Ways to Cope With Union Controlled Schools

By Ed Ring
In January 2010 the California’s legislature passed into law, perhaps uncharacteristically, an excellent new law. Entitled “Public schools: Race to the Top,” SB 54 created two mechanisms for parents to exert greater control over the education of their children.

There are two components:

(1) The Open Enrollment Act mandates that the California Department of Education to annually create a list of 1,000 schools ranked by their Academic Performance Index. Parents whose children are enrolled in these schools have the right to transfer them to a better performing school.

(2) The “Parent Trigger” Law, which allows parents to transform their own schools if 50% of parents sign a petition to seek a change at their chronically underperforming school.

Open enrollment has had an immediate benefit to California’s parents in poor schools, both because individually parents have been able to get their children out of poor schools, and also because the mere ability of parents to remove their students from poor schools provides a powerful incentive for school management to try harder to improve. From the California Dept. of Education, pursuant to SB 54, here is the list of the bottom 1,000 schools in California (Excel spreadsheet): Open Enrollment Schools List 2015–16. To view this list in PDF format, here is the the same list as posted by former state senator (and co-author of SB 54) Gloria Romero’s California Center for Parent Empowerment (PDF file): Open Enrollment Schools List 2015–16.

The parent trigger law has a potentially much greater impact, because it literally empowers parents to take over management of an underperforming school if a majority of them sign a petition. It is important to clarify that the criteria for an “underperforming school” is not the same as the criteria used for the 1,000 K-12 schools with the lowest Academic Performance Index scores. Here is how these lists are compiled:

Open Enrollment List:

Every year the results of standardized academic achievement tests, administered to every K-12 public school student, are compiled by school and by school district. In the most recent academic year, thecomposite score for these tests for all K-12 students in California was 790. The open enrollment list was supposed to be the 1,000 schools with the lowest scores. For example, on the current list, the lowest score belongs to Oakland International High School with an API of 374. But in the compromises made in order to pass the bill, among other things, the published list of open enrollment schools cannot include more than 10% of the schools in any given school district. This gives the worst school districts in the state a pass, and actually leads to some schools getting onto the list that probably don’t deserve to be there. Nonetheless, at least those parents whose children attend these 1,000 schools have choices, and that is a very good thing.

Parent Trigger Eligible List:

The parent trigger list is compiled according to a more complicated formula. In summary, the criteria is as follows: Any school that has an API lower than 800, AND has failed to improve its API score in each of the last four years, is a parent trigger eligible school. The process of accurately compiling this list is tedious, requiring the analyst to research multiple CA Dept. of Education reports for multiple years while navigating several exclusions that complicate the selection process. But there aren’t carve-outs that prevent, for example, 90% of the schools in an underperforming district from any accountability, such as is the case with the open enrollment list. Here is a list of Parent Trigger Eligible schools in Orange County, compiled by the organization Excellent Educational Solutions (PDF file):Trigger Eligible Schools in Orange County. The entire list is also posted on the table below – note that Palm Lane Elementary is not on this eligibility list because they have already been “triggered.” Also, some schools on the Orange County list have 3 year API averages that exceed 800. This can be because their most recent API has fallen below 800 even though the three year average is still above 800, or due to other complexities in the actual formula.

The parent trigger eligible list is a powerful resource that ought to be prepared and posted online every year by the California State Board of Education. As can be seen, there are 125 schools just in Orange County where the management of these schools can be potentially taken over by parents if 50% or more of them sign a petition. Imagine how many thousands of schools in California must be on a statewide list?

To-date, parent trigger has only been tried three times in California. In Compton, the effort ultimately failed. In Adelanto, the effort was successful (ref. Wikipedia “Parent Trigger” – Compton, Adelanto). Now the battle has moved to Palm Lane Elementary School in Orange County, where on January 14, 2015, petitions representing over 50% of the parents of the enrolled students were turned in.

When one examines the political consensus that was forged in the California Legislature back in 2010 by Democratic senator Gloria Romero and her Republican co-sponsor Bob Huff, what is evident is the astonishing power of bipartisanship on the issue of quality education. When one considers the parents who recently turned in petitions to transform Palm Lane Elementary School, and the broad spectrum of community activists who support them, again what is evident is the astonishing power of bipartisanship on the issue of quality education. SB 54 triggers not only parent empowerment, but alliances that transcend conventional politics. It is something to be watched and nurtured.

Ed Ring is the executive director of the California Policy Center.

List of San Bernardino Under-Performing Schools

Updated November 6, 2014
California Department of Education

2015–16 Open Enrollment Schools List – Based on 2013 Growth Academic Performance Index (API)
Posted on November 4, 2014
School Type: E = Elementary, M = Middle, H = High
CDS Code County District School School Type 2013 Growth API
36676786035588 San Bernardino Chino Valley Unified Walnut Avenue Elementary E 750
36676786061840 San Bernardino Chino Valley Unified Ramona Junior High M 745
36676786098347 San Bernardino Chino Valley Unified Dickson Elementary E 738
36676786098362 San Bernardino Chino Valley Unified Anna A. Borba Fundamental Elementary E 772
36676866035679 San Bernardino Colton Joint Unified Paul Rogers Elementary E 719
36676866035745 San Bernardino Colton Joint Unified Woodrow Wilson Elementary E 714
36676866101034 San Bernardino Colton Joint Unified Alice Birney Elementary E 727
36676946035752 San Bernardino Cucamonga Elementary Cucamonga Elementary E 775
36677103630019 San Bernardino Fontana Unified Birch High (Continuation) H 584
36677103630480 San Bernardino Fontana Unified Citrus High (Continuation) H 534
36677106035836 San Bernardino Fontana Unified North Tamarind Elementary E 720
36677106068761 San Bernardino Fontana Unified Cypress Elementary E 716
36677106102933 San Bernardino Fontana Unified Tokay Elementary E 735
36677366035935 San Bernardino Helendale Elementary Helendale Elementary E 784
36677776035984 San Bernardino Morongo Unified Joshua Tree Elementary E 760
36677776036016 San Bernardino Morongo Unified Palm Vista Elementary E 797
36678016036115 San Bernardino Needles Unified Vista Colorado Elementary E 720
36678196036164 San Bernardino Ontario-Montclair Central Language Academy E 737
36678196036206 San Bernardino Ontario-Montclair De Anza Middle M 733
36678196036289 San Bernardino Ontario-Montclair Ray Wiltsey Middle M 735
36678196036297 San Bernardino Ontario-Montclair Kingsley Elementary E 735
36678436036537 San Bernardino Redlands Unified Lugonia Elementary E 809
36678436036594 San Bernardino Redlands Unified Victoria Elementary E 784
36678506036602 San Bernardino Rialto Unified Bemis Elementary E 717
36678506036636 San Bernardino Rialto Unified Dunn Elementary E 711
36678506059448 San Bernardino Rialto Unified Frisbie Middle M 720
36678686036743 San Bernardino Rim of the World Unified Valley of Enchantment Elementary E 780
36678760125450 San Bernardino San Bernardino City Unified Indian Springs High H 635
36678766036768 San Bernardino San Bernardino City Unified Arrowhead Elementary E 676
36678766036826 San Bernardino San Bernardino City Manuel A. Salinas Creative Arts Elementa E 677
36678766036867 San Bernardino San Bernardino City Unified Del Rosa Elementary E 691
36678766036958 San Bernardino San Bernardino City Unified Lincoln Elementary E 680
36678766037022 San Bernardino San Bernardino City Unified Mt. Vernon Elementary E 686
36678766059489 San Bernardino San Bernardino City Unified Del Vallejo Middle M 634
36678766061923 San Bernardino San Bernardino City Unified Martin Luther King Jr. Middle M 676
36679186105860 San Bernardino Victor Elementary Liberty Elementary E 720
36679186110522 San Bernardino Victor Elementary Green Tree East Elementary E 719
36679340125419 San Bernardino Victor Valley Union High Adelanto High H 657
36679596037410 San Bernardino Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified Dunlap Elementary E 730
36679596037428 San Bernardino Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified Valley Elementary E 718
36738906035455 San Bernardino Silver Valley Unified Yermo Elementary E 793
36739570110718 San Bernardino Snowline Joint Unified Vista Verde Elementary E 761
36739576036461 San Bernardino Snowline Joint Unified Phelan Elementary E 740
36750446035968 San Bernardino Hesperia Unified Eucalyptus Elementary E 736
36750446059547 San Bernardino Hesperia Unified Hesperia Junior High M 712
36750446108112 San Bernardino Hesperia Unified Hollyvale Elementary E 731
36750516035976 San Bernardino Lucerne Valley Unified Lucerne Valley Elementary E 719
36750696037220 San Bernardino Upland Unified Citrus Elementary E 801
36750696037287 San Bernardino Upland Unified Upland Elementary E 809
36750770122945 San Bernardino Apple Valley Unified Phoenix Academy E 720
36750773631009 San Bernardino Apple Valley Unified High Desert Premier Academy H 490

AZ Schools Curriculum Condemns Hypocrisy and Lies in Declaration of Independence

AZ Schools Curriculum Condemns Hypocrisy and Lies in Declaration of Independence published on

AZ Schools Curriculum Condemns Hypocrisy and Lies in Declaration of Independence

The head of public schools in Tucson, Ariz. says the city’s schoolchildren will continue to be taught a “culturally relevant” curriculum that condemns the Declaration of Independence as full of “lies” and “hypocrisy” even after the state’s superintendent accused it of violating a state ban on ethnic studies classes.
In fact, he says they will expand it.
Superintendent H. D. Sanchez says that, regardless of what the state’s Department of Education says, a federal desegregation court order issued in 2013 requires the school to offer a “culturally relevant” curriculum. As a result, he says the district will expand the curriculum from three high schools in the district to seven.

An Arizona law, passed in 2010, bars schools from teaching courses that advocate ethnic solidarity over treating people as individuals, encourage resentment of particular groups or cultures or promote the overthrow of the United States government. The law was targeted at an ethnic studies program in Tucson which it forced to shut down in 2012. The law has thus far survived a federal court challenge, although oral arguments before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals are scheduled for next week.

Now, the Arizona Department of Education says Tucson is once again violating the law.

Read More:

Ohio Moves Closer to Common Core Repeal

Ohio Moves Closer to Common Core Repeal published on

Ohio Moves Closer to Common Core Repeal

Ohio is on its way to becoming the latest state to ditch Common Core education standards. A bill that would block the state from implementing the standards, along with any aligned curriculum, was approved by the Rules and Reference Committee in the State House earlier this month and is ready to be brought to a vote.

So far, six states have either partially or completely withdrawn from Common Core standards or the accompanying testing requirements. Ohio would be the seventh, and a decisive blow for education freedom.

H.B. 597 calls for a rejection of any federal control of education, and the implementation of state standards by a state education committee. These standards will then have to be reviewed and approved by lawmakers, ensuring that no unelected bureaucrat gets to unilaterally control local education choices. This means that education in Ohio will be more locally controlled, with greater input from parents, teachers, local school boards, and communities who can let their representatives know what they want out of the school system. This would be a vast improvement over a central bureaucracy that sets school standards from the remote Department of Education n Washington, D.C. 400 miles away.

While Ohio’s governor, John Kasich, supports Common Core, he said he would be open to listening to alternative ideas, so long as school quality is not compromised.

“I just want to have high standards,” the governor said, “and I want to make sure we maintain local control so local school boards and local parents are the ones that design the curriculum to meet the standards. We need high standards. We don’t need interference from Columbus or Washington to get this done. It should be done locally.”

Such talk is encouraging, because Common Core is fundamentally not local, imposing same standards all across the country regardless of the individual needs of different states or school districts. If Governor Kasich is sincere in his words, then there should be no reason for him not to sign the bill when it makes it to his desk.

Any Ohioan concerned about their children’s schooling, and the future of education in their state, should contact their representative and demand that H.R. 597 be brought to a vote in the State House as soon as possible.

Logan Albright

Major Corporations Funding Gay Indoctrination in Elementary Schools

Major Corporations Funding Gay Indoctrination in Elementary Schools published on

Major Corporations Funding ‘Gay’ Indoctrination in Elementary Schools Across America


on 30 December, 2014 at 06:55


From MassResistance:

It’s every parent’s nightmare, but true: Major U.S. corporations are funding a campaign of sophisticated, psychologically intrusive “gay” indoctrination programs targeting very young children in elementary schools across America. It’s part of a very well-planned and well-funded effort to reach children as young as possible without their parents’ intervention.

From the “Welcoming Schools” website

The national program, called “Welcoming Schools”, skillfully works on the minds of young children in three ways:

(1) Introducing the concept of homosexuality to children.

(2) Telling them that homosexuality is normal and natural.

(3) Telling them that their parents or friends who portray homosexuality in a less than positive way are bad people – intolerant, bigoted, etc.

The “Welcoming schools” website has even posted a video that describes their program and shows how effective these psychological techniques are in molding young children’s minds:

As MassResistance has reported, major US corporations are enabling this through large donations to the radical national LGBT group Human Rights Campaign (HRC). HRC created and runs the Welcoming Schools program and has representatives in regions around the country pushing it in elementary schools.

Of particular concern and outrage was the recent arrest of HRC’s founder and current Board member, Terry Bean, for “third degree sodomy” of a 15-year-old boy. HRC has had no comment on that incident, but it continues a vicious campaign of harassment against pro-family leaders with whom it disagrees. But this has not deterred corporate donations to HRC in any way that we can determine.

Bringing it into the schools
Among the vehicles they use to bring this into the schools are the “anti-bullying” laws which the national LGBT movement lobbied heavily for in states across the country over the last several years. As MassResistance warned at the time these laws, which were largely written and/or influenced by LGBT groups, invariably have little to do with legitimate anti-bullying behavioral science. Instead they require schools to provide LGBT “diversity training” and mete out punishment for “anti-gay” opinions or discussion.

Not surprisingly, nothing is said to kids about the extensive medical and psychological dangers of homosexual behavior, including a range of diseases, addictions, domestic violence, and other social pathologies.

Confronting the corporations that fund this
The companies pouring money into HRC read like a who’s who of corporate America. You can see some of the names Here.

But MassResistance is fighting back. As we’ve reported, we have been helping people to contact these companies – by phone, email, and letter – and tell their corporate staffs in no uncertain terms what we think of their actions – and demand that they stop it.

It’s quite shocking. Companies that many of you patronize at one time or another are using your money to subvert your own young children’s minds to accept and support a dangerous perversion.

When people manage to actually speak with corporate representatives, the companies don’t deny what they’re doing. They talk about how proud they are to be fighting for “tolerance” and “diversity.” They seem to have no misgivings at all when outraged parents contact them.

We contacted these four companies — to start with.

What that tells us is that we need to step up this fight. Most of these companies have never heard from pro-family people before. They only hear from radical homosexual activists. With your help, that will change!



Liberals Running the Classroom

Liberals Running the Classroom published on

WHOA! Liberals Running the Classroom, Teaching Flag Stomping and Islamic Laws

The Political Insider

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly just released this shocking new documentary about how serious liberal indoctrination is inside America’s public schools. If it wasn’t clear how far the left has gone in taking over educating our children and how much Islamic culture is taught in the classroom, this will change that.

Watch (above) as Kelly gives examples of a high school teacher stomping on the American flag and another school which said a pledge to the country of Mexico! In one 6th grade class, President George Bush was compared to Adolph Hitler. And in another, the teacher’s lesson of Islam went so far that female students were asked to wear burkas.

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: During a lesson about symbols and their meaning, a South Carolina high school English teacher decided to stomp on the American flag saying the physical flag was symbolic but was only a piece of cloth, and his actions would have no ramifications. He was wrong. Parents protested, the teacher was placed on leave and eventually agreed to resign for an $85,000 payout.

At Lumberton High School, Texas, as part of a world geography lesson on Islam, some female students dressed up and were photographed wearing burkas. Their parents were bothered by the pictures but more concerned about the emphasis on Islam.

APRIL LEBLANC, PARENT: They had touched on, you know, they started with Israel and start talking about Palestine but they went straight onto the nation of Islam and they focused on it and (INAUDIBLE) really focused on Islam, never touched on Christianity.

This is outrageous! Students should be learning math, English, science, and the skills needed to succeed in life. Please share this, if you oppose liberal indoctrination in schools!

Common Core Teaches Islamic Vocabulary

Common Core Teaches Islamic Vocabulary published on

Mom Says She Uncovered ‘Very Shocking’ Content When She Decided to Look Over Her Child’s Vocabulary Lesson

Jason HowertonDec. 19, 2014 11:17pm
The parents of a high school student in Farmville, North Carolina, are seeking answers regarding a Common Core-aligned vocabulary assignment given to their child that they claim is essentially Islamic propaganda.
The assignment was reportedly given to seniors at Farmville Central High School and included several pro-Islamic messages.
The worksheet reportedly read: “In the following exercises, you will have the opportunity to expand your vocabulary by reading about Muhammad and the Islamic word.”
The assignment used the words astute, conducive, erratic, mosque, pastoral, and zenith in sentences about Islam.
“The responses to Muhammad’s teachings were at first erratic. Some people responded favorably, while other resisted his claim that ‘there is no God but Allah and Muhammad his Prophet,” one sentence read.

A parent, who asked to remain anonymous, told the news outlet that it was “very shocking” to read the religious material.
“I just told my daughter to read it as if it’s fiction. It’s no different than another of fictional book you’ve read,” she said.
One of the students who was reportedly in the class in which the assignment was given told that she was “caught off guard” by the content.
“I just looked at it and knew something was not right – so I emailed the pages to my mom,” the student added.

A Pitt County Schools spokesperson reportedly confirmed the assignment is from a state-adopted workbook that meets “Common Core standards for English Language Arts.”
“Our school system understands all concerns related to proselytizing, and there is no place for it in our instruction/ However, this particular lesson was one of many the students in this class have had and will have that expose them to the various religions and how they shape cultures throughout the world,” the district said in a statement.

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Schools May Not Promote or Prohibit Religious Expression

Schools May Not Promote or Prohibit Religious Expression published on

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