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Arnold Schwarzenegger is a corrupt douchebag politician!

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a corrupt douchebag politician! published on

Reminder from the Los Angeles Times: Arnold Schwarzenegger is a corrupt douchebag politician!

On the last day and in the closing hours of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Administration, the Governator did a political favor for a powerful progressive socialist democrat, Fabian Nuñez. He commuted the 16-year negotiated sentence (plea bargained down from Murder) to a lesser sentence of 7 years. While leaving the others involved in the incident to pay their full price to society.

Basically, the politicians son was involved in an altercation where one young man, Luis Santos, was stabbed to death and another gravely wounded. The little bastard told his buddies that his father would fix the situation – and by all accounts, at least for his son, the old man got Schwarzenegger to carry his water.

Núñez’s son, Esteban was convicted of manslaughter pursuant to a guilty plea in connection with the fatal stabbing of 22-year-old college student Luis Santos during a drunken brawl on San Diego State University campus in October 2008, after being refused entrance to a fraternity party. Three other men were also beaten and stabbed in the incident but survived. Esteban and his three alleged accomplices initially entered not guilty pleas; Esteban and his friend Ryan Jett pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter, and the other two accomplices pleaded to lesser charges, after jury selection started in early May 2010. He was sentenced on June 25, 2010 to 16 years in prison for the death of Santos. He was also sentenced under two additional felony counts.

On January 2, 2011, outgoing Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger commuted the sentence of Esteban Núñez, reducing it from 16 years to seven years, stating that he felt the 16-year sentence was “excessive” given that Núñez was not “the actual killer” and Santos’ fatal wound was supposedly inflicted, not by Núñez himself, but by his accomplice, Ryan Jett.Because neither Núñez nor Jett admitted to the killing, both were sentenced equally. Too bad the other guy’s dads didn’t have the political juice to have their son’s sentences commuted.

The sordid tale is recounted in the Los Angeles Times …

In a recent interview with The Times, Fabian Nuñez put it bluntly. “I used my relationship with the governor to help my own son,” he said. “I’d do it again. There it is. I would do it again.”

He said Schwarzenegger had followed Esteban’s criminal case closely, and the two of them had discussed it regularly. “I would brief the governor from time to time. He was a friend. He would ask, ‘How are you doing?’ He had compassion. There was no deal making, just two human beings, two fathers.”

Nuñez wouldn’t reveal precisely what he said to Schwarzenegger. But if his remarks to The Times are any indication, he spoke angrily of justice thwarted, of how his son was wronged by a deceptive, “ultraconservative” judge.

“He lied to get my son to accept a sentence which did not fit the crime,” he said. “When you’re dealing with a judge like him, and an overzealous district attorney, with a deputy district attorney who is very ambitious and is looking at their high conviction rates, the last thing that’s going to stand in their way is some Latino politician representing East Los Angeles.”

Nuñez said his ties to Schwarzenegger merely leveled a playing field that had been tilted against his son. “He corrected a wrong that a judge imposed on my son. I believe any father would do what I did.”

As Schwarzenegger settled into his post-politics life, the questions dogged him for a few months.

In April 2011, KCAL-TV Channel 9 reporter Dave Bryan caught Schwarzenegger slipping out the back door of a Hollywood conference where he had been celebrated for his record on climate change. Schwarzenegger knew what was coming. He kept walking, and muttered: “Don’t ask me the same question, OK? Because otherwise you’re boring the hell out of me.”

Watch: Arnold Schwarzenegger reacts in April 2011 to questioning about his commutation of Esteban Nuñez’s sentence. See the entire KCAL Channel 9 segment » “I think a lot of people want to know,” Bryan said. “Why did you reduce the sentence for Esteban Nuñez?” Schwarzenegger made a loud snoring sound. He kept walking amid his entourage, his expression frozen somewhere between a smile and a grimace, as if willing the reporter out of existence. Bryan persisted.

“Governor, why won’t you talk about it? Governor? Why did you wait until the last minute, sir, before you left office? Was it a favor for Fabian Nuñez, Governor? Governor, why did you commute the sentence,Governor?”

Schwarzenegger gave his fullest public explanation to a Newsweek reporter that month. “I happen to know the kid really well. I don’t apologize about it,” he said. “There’s criticism out there. I think it’s just because of our working relationship and all that. It maybe was kind of saying, ‘That’s why he did it.’ Well, hello! I mean, of course you help a friend.”

In his 2012 autobiography “Total Recall,” which is more than 600 pages long, Schwarzenegger makes no mention of the commutation. Nor are answers obtainable in the official file; he ordered it sealed for 25 years.

Source: On the eve of a murder trial, a deal is struck. But will it stick? – Los Angeles Times

If the Governor did nothing wrong, why did he seal the official file for 25 years?

Bottom line …

RINO (Republican In Name Only) Governor Schwarzenegger lies to California and signs the highest tax increase in the nation. Schwarzenegger lies to his wife, cheats with the nanny, and produces a secret son. Schwarzenegger commutes the 16-year plea bargain manslaughter sentence of someone who should be punished as a murderer to 7-years. And, as the ultimate insult, he orders his painter to “paint out” his wife as California’s First Lady in his official state portrait.

And, now the douchebag wants to be respected as a movie star and a political statesman as he pushes his global warming nonsense to the impressionable masses. Thanks to the Los Angeles Times, we are reminded what a phony hypocrite and douchebag Schwarzenegger really is in real life.

Remember that if the asswipe Schwarzenegger should surface again in public life.

— steve